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Dancing On The Clouds
For any spotlight dance or Grand Entrance! Using a dry ice machine, we turn your dance floor into a layer of clouds just like you’ve seen in the movies! If you’re looking for something to make your celebration different, this could be it.

True Intelligent Lighting​

We use the latest in computer-controlled software to design breathtaking light shows. From an elegant spotlight on the couple as they take part in their first dance, to a high-energy, bright, and energetic light show that will wow you and your guests, our lighting technicians will customize the lighting to match the specifications of the venue and of course your style and vision

Custom Floor Monograms

The lights are dim, the dance floor is empty while everyone eats, and projected on the floor is your custom monogram. By using custom gobos, we can project any text with designs anywhere for a custom look.  A gobo (or GOBO) derived from “Go Between” or “Goes Before Optics” is a physical template slotted inside, or placed in front of, a lighting source, used to control the shape of emitted light.  Use it on your wedding day with you and your spouse’s names inside an elegant design.  Or put in your companies logo for others to see.  Use  it for anything you’d like to use it for!

Sparkular cold spark firework & fountain  

What a better entrance than a Sparkular one? SPARKULAR can be used for many occasions such as a weddings first dance or last dance, a GRAND entrance or simple just to add that WOW factor to your event. Our BREATHTAKING Sparkular indoor firework system has the look and effects of Pyrotechnics but,  this is NON-HAZARDOUS and so safe.! Sparkular effects are created using our high tech, safe chemical reactions.  Unlike traditional gunpowder with pyrotechnics, which has much shorter blast of 10 seconds, Sparkular could last for minutes at a time.  The duration, height and timings of the blasts can be varied to create the special effects you require, and even timed to different sequences according to your event requirements.     No safety or exclusion zones necessary as Sparkular produces cold fallout that is perfectly safe! Very little smoke output which won't set off ANY fire alarms Sparkular can be used in locations where fireworks and pyrotechnics are not permitted. Safer than traditional pyrotechnics. Sparkular produces up to 15 minutes of effect per powder sachet refill. Super easy clean-up

C02 Cannon Blast
Wow the guests with our new LED Co2 Cannon Blast! Cool Blast of air to excite any crowd. Perfect to add some extra energy & fun, Use it for Grand entrance or that perfect dance set and have the dance floor go from a 10 to 100 in a few seconds. Will not set off fire alarms & 100% safe. As seen in most night club venues.

Led hd Tv Screens

Add Video with a touch of Elegance with our 60” High Definition Plasma Screens. Mounted on Eight-foot lighted truss towers, these plasmas are great for all types of events. Used commonly for picture slideshows, presentations, home movies, music videos, text to screen shout outs & voting, live crowd cams, & more! If you can picture it, we can put it on the screen!

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